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A List Of Unique Dissertation Topics Related To Advertising

Advertising is one of the most sought-after careers for the students of mass media, as it is both creative and interesting at the same time. It generally refers to attracting the customer’s attention to a product mainly for commercial purposes with the help of print and the electronic media. Now, a student who is in his/her master’s class may need to write a this paper related to advertising. This is to prove how much the student is capable of pursuing a career in advertising; since a dissertation is carried out entirely at the discretion of the student.

Regarding choosing a topic in advertising, a student has to be cautious about the subject’s dynamic approach. The thesis shall solely be aimed at how the subject under consideration has a social message underneath.

How to choose an expository essay on advertising?

  • Brainstorm ideas: this is related to choosing a topic or idea upon which you will pursue your work. You should be informed enough about the advertising world and its new age approaches, or in other words, the most happening things related to advertising. Choose a very vibrant topic that your mentor will find enthusiastic to study.
  • Review of literature: choose a topic for which you will get enough background information or related theories. A topic with no such relevant theories to back it up is of no use, since you will have tough time putting together information via searching, and this will often put your work on the verge of the deadline.
  • Data collection: you should go for such a theme for your essay, for which you will find it easier to look out for sample respondents. Put in various counter-questions and some open-ended questions, since they will fetch you various kind of responses and your composition shall look more well-informed as after all your motto is to learn more.

What can be the best topic for a dissertation in advertising?

Now, regarding choosing some exclusive and exceptional topics for advertising, here is an exhaustive list of subjects that are currently making the rounds in the advertising world.

  1. Advertisement and moral policing of the society which reveals the civil society’s hypocrisy.
  2. Advertisement and commercialisation of women bodies.
  3. Advertisement and psychology of the consumer behind buying a particular product.
  4. How the design of a product influences the customer.
  5. Which type of advertisement is detrimental to society?
  6. The effectiveness of online advertisements. Does that help garner profit?
  7. The backlash photoshopped advertisement receives.
  8. The racist attitude behind advertisement of fairness creams.

These are some interesting topics for carrying out a dissertation in advertising. There are a plethora of websites that will provide you with information related to the above lists. If possible, punch one or two case studies, which will help you frame the entire write-up better.