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Top 27 Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Biomedical Science

Biomedical science is a great subject to study. It is a huge branch of the physiological science. As God has created the human being with the combinations of lots of nucleus, cell, nerves, bones, muscles and organs, so to study the whole anatomy of the human body, it seems to be the subject with the size of a vast ocean.

So the students who are studying in this field, finds difficulty when the time comes for them to write a dissertation paper on some topic. Due to the vastness of the subject the students gets confused on what to choose as the subject. So if you are a student of a biomedical science, have to select the topic after you consult your seniors and professors.

Since they know the subject better than you and they have the idea in this field, so you can get the guidance better from them. You can also consult the internet and the books from the library.

  • Below are some topics, which you can select for your dissertation paper:
  • Can cancerous cell presents in the body of every human being?
  • Effects of the chemo therapy over the cancer cells.
  • Using non-prescribed medicines from the medicine shop can proves to be a disaster.
  • The reason behind the heart blockage at the age above 40’s. What is the risk of it?
  • Obesity is becoming a common problem in the lives of the 90% people living in the society. Which age group is getting affected the most?
  • Rate of augmentation of arthritis in the women.
  • HIV can be prevented.
  • Way to prevent STDs.
  • Importance of health and hygiene.
  • Role of proper diet in the lives of the youngsters.
  • Contraceptive tablets have harmful side-effects.
  • Birth of an abnormal child is an effect of wrong combination of genes.
  • Family baldness is a result of heredity problem.
  • Birth of a girl child depends upon the chromosomes of the male parent.
  • All the features of a person depend on the family genetics.
  • The ill-effects of the negative blood group holders.
  • Fever can be said as a cause or an effect of a disease.
  • The problem of sinus can be cured by the practice of yoga.
  • Difference in the psychology of the different generations.
  • The percentage of our brain used by us.
  • Passive smoking also affects the women and children.
  • Intakes of spicy foods can results into the ulcer in the stomach.
  • Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body.
  • Green vegetables can be a help to lose weight.
  • Fracture of bones at the age of 60 may result into a disaster.
  • Knee transplant is a good option for the senior citizens.
  • Regular walking can help you to have a healthy metabolism.