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Picking The Best Topic For Your Dissertation

When writing a dissertation, the first thing that you will need to do is to think of a topic to write about. This is one of the most important aspects of the writing process, as it will have a huge impact on everything that you do afterwards. Essentially, picking a good topic to write about can make the work considerably easier to do, not only in terms of the writing process, but also how easy or difficult it will be to research any relevant information.

On the other hand, picking a bad topic can make it very difficult to do the necessary research, as well as potentially require you to spend much longer on the writing process than you otherwise would need to had you picked a good topic.

Therefore, you should spend plenty of time thinking of a topic that will be right for you, with some possible ideas outlined below.

  • The anatomy of kangaroos and how the muscles and structures of the leg in the rest of the body enables them to jump without injury, and what we can learn about this when developing robots and other devices
  • A history of welding and how engineering practices have largely remained unchanged in many ways since man began joining metal together
  • What effects of still being felt in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a result of the atomic explosions that ended the Second World War?
  • An examination and analysis of the Soviet Union in the post-Stalin years
  • Does Germany still owe Greece reparations in relation to the Second World War?
  • Can a price be put on human life, and how does the value of human life change from society to society, and over time?
  • How is nutrition and sports science used in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of modern-day sport stars, so as to make them faster, stronger and generally better equipped for the sports that they play?
  • Compare and contrast the environmental damage caused by creating environmentally friendly cars with the benefits the result from lower pollution during the life of the car
  • Why has North Korea been allowed to continue developing nuclear weapons whilst Iraq was invaded when it was supposedly thought that there were weapons of mass destruction being held by Saddam Hussein in the country?
  • Compare and contrast renewable energy with fossil fuels so as to determine whether or not we can viably produce enough power in the future without needing to harm the environment as much as we currently do