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How To Pick Strong Dissertation Topics On Globalization

If you are a student of economics or any other social science, then you are very well accustomed to the concept of globalization. By globalization, we generally mean how various countries set up transnational or multinational corporations to operate on a large global scale resulting in increased interaction and assimilation of people, governments and companies from different nations, which finally results in large-scale cultural or economic exchange. It is a process aided by information technology and harnessed by international trade, commerce, and investment. So, you can see how vibrant and dynamic the subject is. Now, if you are told to write a thesis on globalization, you must emphasize its dynamic approach since the issue is itself very lively.

A list of some of the interesting dissertation topics on globalization:

  • Let’s have a look at some interesting topics, upon which you can conduct your research.
  • Globalization and the migration of labor
  • Globalization and the onset of corporate culture
  • Role of the MNCs in setting up a secular and community culture
  • Globalization and mortality: how newer medical facilities are proving beneficial for a longer existence.
  • Globalization and politics
  • Corporate social responsibilities and globalization.

These are some of the most explored themes on the internet about globalization. Now, when you are choosing a topic it is essential to choose a one that is suited to your syllabus and at the same time helps in keeping your reader engaged. You must then consider how to frame the write-up in that direction so that it elicits interest. Below are some basic steps you should follow.

Basic steps to follow:

  • Choose a relevant topic: Choose a subject that you find relevant to modern corporate society. Since the theme is globalization, there is no point in sticking to some old, clichéd and theoretical issue. While choosing a particular concept for your dissertation, point out its variables, or more than one dimension or sub-topics, which will help you in doing background research
  • Introduction: Introduce the information by stating why you preferred this matter, the rationale behind it. It is a must that you grab the reader’s attention from the very first page.
  • Literature review: Since you will be mainly focused on the impact of globalization in a particular country, you can compare and contrast with other countries. Review different policies for the particular government. The books and journals along with information from the Internet will be of great help in this matter.
  • You should be clear about the aims and objectives of the study. What help will it be when you complete your work Methodology is important in this regard. Write about qualitative method of research and content analysis of books and journals related to globalization.
  • Conclude by summing up what inputs you gathered from doing the research.

These are the basic guidelines if you want to pick a strong topic and conduct a dissertation on globalization. It is imperative that you consult your mentor in every step while doing the entire project.