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5 Helpful Hints On How To Select Undergraduate Dissertation Topics

When conducting research, there are several factors that can affect the outcome of your study. While they may not always be present, many established researchers have encountered problems during their investigations and it is wise to be aware of this possibility before yo begin your own ventures.

Thankfully, we live in an age where the resourceful student has access to virtually any information they may need and this should be taken full advantage of. In the five short points, I will outline an effective strategy for selecting an excellent topic for your undergraduate dissertation:

  1. View past research dissertations conducted by others in your field of study
  2. The nature of educational and scientific progress dictates that one is always building on previous works conducted by other scholars. This is unavoidable and it becomes clear when you consider that everything you know now is largely because of work done by persons before you, who in turn learned from those before them.

  3. Consider your interests, they are relevant
  4. Your personal interests can be a serious driving force behind your research and this has proven many times over, to be largely responsible for the success of someone who undertook, what appeared to be, an impossible venture.

  5. Consider the interests of your examiner and the general public
  6. While it can seem like a cheap way to get by, being realistic, no one wants to spend all the time and effort to construct a paper that the rest of the world couldn’t care less about. Finding ways of relating your work to society is often an asset and is possibly one way of acquiring funding.

  7. Brainstorm ideas
  8. When looking for an idea, it is important to provide yourself with as many options as possible. This way you can calmly evaluate each one and identify its pros and cons. The best way to do this is by brainstorming and you can invite others to join in as you do so.

  9. Considering the first three points, select a topic that is most practical to you
  10. While you may want to do an impressive and ground breaking project, it is important to remain within the range of your capabilities as a researcher. This does not necessarily mean that you are incompetent, it just means that sometimes, no matter how great the idea, it may not be possible to accomplish the task in any practical manner.