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Writing An MLA Dissertation Title Page: Helpful Directions

Liberal arts and humanities papers usually use MLA Style of formatting. This style of formatting provides particular system for reference sources through parenthesis in your paper. By using MLA style of formatting, you demonstrate accountability to the referenced sources, which builds your credibility. This style of writing also protects you from accusation of plagiarism, that’s the major reason why this style is commonly used for academic papers.

If you are asked to write MLA style of writing make sure you carefully read the guidelines. Most often MLS style does not require title page. However, when you write a dissertation paper to obtain a degree Doctor of Philosophy, you must have a Title page, though the MLA guideline says you don’t need a title page.

Here are some basic guidelines about the writing:

  • Technical settings : Times New Roman, 12 Point font, double spaced, 1 inch wide margins, page numbers in the upper right corner of every page, except the title page;
  • Citations: page number and author are not separated by comma, periods and commas do not go inside the inline quotes, but outside;
  • Citation list: authors ordered alphabetically.

Title page

The title page is the first page of a dissertation. It has to be consistent, clear and concise. You write correct title of the paper, name of the institution where you present your paper, your name, etc. You can find all the information you should include in the Title page of your paper below. Remember that everything should be centered. Another thing you should bear in mind is to use words for symbols, formulas, Greek letters, etc. Lately universities have a habit to include keywords in the title, due to the electronic version of the paper and computerized listings.

How a dissertation title page should look like?

  • 1 line : Title of your paper
  • 2 line: “A dissertation presented”
  • 3 line: “by”
  • 4 line: full name of the author
  • 5 line: “to”
  • 6 line: official name of the division/ department or committee where the academic paper was written
  • 7 line: “in partial fulfillment of the requirements”
  • 8 line: “for the degree of”
  • 9 line: “Doctor of Philosophy”
  • 10 line: “in the subject of”
  • 11 line: name of the subject
  • 12 line: name of the university and place
  • 13 line: Month and year when you submitted the paper to the department.

Don’t forget that everything should be centered, no bold or italic letters and that the font and the size remain the same as through the whole paper, expect for the title of the paper. It is not difficult to write the title page, but the rest of the paper requires effort and time, as well.