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Looking For A Well-Written Dissertation Proposal Example On Education

A dissertation proposal example gives you an idea of how your final paper will appear. This will reduce the time you take to figure out what you should do with your paper. It also makes it easy for you to compose important sections like introductory paragraphs, thesis statements, conclusions, abstracts, etc. Not all proposal examples available are reliable. To avoid using a poor quality proposal example, it is necessary to know where to get the proofread examples. Using a poor quality proposal example will be reflected in your final paper. This will lead to a lower grade, waste of time and waste of resources. Here are some of the sources of high quality examples.


The library is stocked with high quality reference materials for students and the faculty. Institutions are keen to protect their reputation and therefore ensure that only high quality materials are stocked. The library also provides a variety of examples in different topics, disciplines, formatting styles, etc. This is a guarantee that you will get the proposal example you are looking for.

Libraries provide unrestricted access to students. Many libraries have online portals that allow access to academic materials from any location through the internet and by the general public. This is an advantage since you can work on your paper from anywhere and at any time. It also means that you can access high quality proposals from recognized universities around the world.

Your Supervisor Or Committee

Your supervisor and the committee are tasked with the responsibility of guiding you through the dissertation writing process. Part of this guidance is provision of necessary reference materials including templates and examples. They understand your discipline and topic and will therefore provide the best examples.

Search Online

The internet has numerous academic resources for use by students and academic staff. To get a good example from the internet, ensure that your search is very specific. Indicate the discipline you are studying, the topic and formatting style. Only use examples from sites that are recognized for provision of quality papers.

From Colleagues Or Seniors

Your colleagues and seniors are likely to be in possession of high quality examples. They are either tackling a similar paper or have already completed theirs. They would be willing to provide their dissertation proposals for reference purposes. When you get the proposal, use it as a guide and do not be tempted to copy. This is regarded as plagiarism and attracts hefty penalties.