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A List Of 22 Inspiring Dissertation Topics In Ergonomics

Every student dreams about being a leader or running his own company. However, not many of them end up doing so. This is because they don’t know how to increase their work capacity and how to improve their own efficiency. Ergonomics might seem unimportant now, but if you are a manager this is all you will care about. If you write your dissertation on this theme you have the chance to learn valuable things for your future, so take advantage of it. Here are some great topics for your dissertation:

  1. Qualities of a leader. As you probably know by now, a good leader will increase the efficiency of others. How can you become a good leader.
  2. Is physical exercise a good way to improve your performance?
  3. Work environment; how can you improve it/
  4. Are multinational teams more efficient?
  5. Selecting candidates; what do you have to look for when you want to hire someone?
  6. Music at the workplace; such a change in the environment will increase or decrease the productivity?
  7. Standing desks. Some people say that they are better in their work if they are not sitting, but standing while working.
  8. Good work conditions can make the workers be more dedicated? Apply these in a few situations and see what result you get.
  9. Working in open spaces; can this make people feel less tired?
  10. How important it is to offer to your employees a good health insurance?
  11. Using fitness balls instead of chairs; is this a great way to prevent back pain or obesity?
  12. Day work VS night work. When are people more creative and willing to find new solutions? Do you think that you can work better at night or during the day time?
  13. Glasses and protective equipment. Many people don’t know this, but companies are obligated to offer you glasses if you work at the computer all day long.
  14. Work stress and how to reduce it.
  15. Workaholics; should they be allowed to work as much as they want?
  16. Interior design at work. Some companies noticed that their employees are more effective since they changed the design of the office.
  17. Face to face communication in the workplace.
  18. Teambuilding.
  19. Work related diseases.
  20. How often should someone take a break from work and why?
  21. Using mobile phones at work. Is it safe?
  22. Medical concerns; should the company provide free consultations for the employees?