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Five Points To Consider About The Dissertation Front Page Format

The front page or title page of a dissertation is one of the most important parts of the document. It is like the page cover of a book. If it is not attractive and captivating to the eyes, then the reader might not even read half the document. A poorly formatted dissertation front page might also cost a student their marks, with some professors completely refusing to mark it. Read the article below to get some of the must consider points in the front page of this important document.


It is absolutely important to have a clear and concise dissertation title written or typed on your front page. The title must also remain the same in all related documents. Notably it should be similar in both the approval page and the Nonexclusive copyright license. The title page should also not contain quotation marks and neither should it have a full stop at the end.

Your name should appear before previous degrees

The front page should have your first and last names that you will use in all other related documents. After that, you can now include your previously completed degrees which should only be highlighted in abbreviations (M.A, B.SC.). Something else you should note is that each degree should appear on its own line, and the list should flow from the most recent degrees.

The “in partial fulfillment of” should always appear in three lines

Besides appearing in three lines, the degrees should be indicated in singular form. For example, say a Master of Arts instead of Masters. In addition, the department, school or program in which you belonged should also be listed in three lines. Again note that you should limit your formatting format to 1.5 single spaces.

Indicate your copyright year and semester as the one you hand in your dissertation

In this section, you should also use the single spaced 1.5 spacing format. Note that the year should be indicated at both beside your name and beside the semester year. On the other hand, the copyright mark and statement should however be a bit smaller in font, preferably font 10 single spaced.

There is no page number

The title page should always be a single page, but it should be able to communicate the main ideas about your dissertation. However, the front page should not contain a page number.