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How To Write An APA Dissertation Title: Quick Tips

The APA style of writing stands for American Psychological Association. This format was devised for the utility of studies related to social and behavioural science, for the benefit of a standardised scientific writing. If you come across a number of journals related to social science, you will find the APA format over there. Where is the APA style used?

If you are a humanities student, you must be well acquainted with the APA style of writing. However, for clarification we are detailing some of the areas where this format can be used.

You can use them in:

  • Case studies
  • Writing down the review of literature
  • In theoretical articles
  • Writing the research reports
  • Any kind of experimental and procedural writings

What is the format of the APA?

If you are given to writing a dissertation in APA format, you must frame your essay in the following manner:

  • Start with a title page
  • Next, give an abstract about why are you considering to write about this topic.
  • Introduce the subject properly in the introduction section.
  • Write about the objective of your study and the research methods you will use.
  • What are the results of your data analysis will come up in the next section.
  • Discuss the analysed data.
  • Write the bibliographical references after that.
  • Put the questionnaire or interview schedule at the end of your research file.
  • You must:

  • Put the caption in the middle of the page. Then put down your name and the institution you are belonging sequentially under the title.
  • Your writing should be double-spaced and must have a 1” margin. Use the Times New Roman font of 12 points for this version.
  • Use hyphen if you use any compound words.
  • While writing the name of a theory, do not use capitalization.
  • Two grammatically complete clauses must have a colon in between, and you must always use the capital of the first letter you write after the colon.
  • These are some of the formats of the APA style that you should use in your dissertation. If you need more clarification, consult with your supervisor who will check whether the layout is in the correct order or not. Search for APA style on the search engine; there are many pdf documents and slides that will clear your confusion regarding this version. There are a number of scholarly journals available online which follow this format. It will help you in clearing your confusion regarding the layout.