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Creating Winning Art History Dissertation Titles: 8 Unique Ideas

Students often feel that writing the greatest art history dissertation is one of the greatest challenges faced to get their degree. The fact is, the title of the paper is vital in getting the grade for an excellent piece of work. There is a lot of work when it comes to writing such as tracking information, then analyzing what you have found and putting your materials together in a very effective manner. All this is important for the paper. However, the title makes all your work seem very important.

Steps in selecting a title

When it comes to selecting the right title for your art history paper, it is best to be very specific in nature and use as few words as possible to explain your paper. Readers often get bored with long drawn out titles and figure if the title goes on forever so will the paper. What is your topic? That is the first question to ask yourself and write it down so that it makes sense to you and your reader. For instances are you writing about oil paintings? Is the subject matter of a certain oil painting? How to do oil paintings? The history of oil paintings origin? Simplified the title could be “Oil Painting in the modern age” or” History of Oil Painting.”

Eight Unique Ideas in creating Art History Dissertation Titles

The following ideas are helpful in creating unique titles for your art history paper.

  1. Make sure that the title corresponds to the topic of the paper.
  2. When gathering data if there is interesting points use one of those to help your paper become unique in the title.
  3. Find out what others are writing about and how they are titling their paper so that you do not repeat the title.
  4. Make your title as short as possible but still giving the reader points on the body of the paper.
  5. Use updated expertise in writing to create a unique title.
  6. Write several different titles to ponder over before deciding the best title.
  7. Have fun with the title sometimes a little humor can draw a bigger reading audience.
  8. Art History is a very interesting subject so have your title depict an interesting fact.


When it comes to creating an art history dissertation title base it on the most important point in the body of the paper. Use specific terms that express what you are going to be talking about in as few words as possible. This will lead to a better reading audience and help you to gain a better grade for your paper.