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3 Ways To Finish A Dissertation - A Quick Writing Guide

When you’re at the point when you’ve written most of your paper, you may find yourself tired and at a loss, with only a very vague idea of how to finish your dissertation. You should know that the conclusion is one of the most important sections of any paper. It’s not as long as the other chapters, but it contains a synthesis of everything that has been discussed. Also, it’s the place where you can demonstrate how you have contributed to the development of your topic. Consider the following ways to make your conclusion effective and memorable.

  1. Restate your thesis.
  2. It’s not allowed to just rewrite your thesis stated in the introduction. You should remind your readers about it in an implicit manner. For example, while you clearly stated in your thesis your main argument and the general direction of your research, you should reveal the results of your research and analysis in your concluding paragraph. Your reader should spot a clear connection between your thesis, the information presented in the chapters, and your conclusion.

  3. Play the “So What?” game.
  4. The readers of your dissertation want to know what your findings are and how they contribute to a better understanding of the subject matter. Make sure that every assertion you make can answer the question “So what?”. Be ready for your readers (committee members) to constantly ask it. To show that your topic is important, you should present it in a larger context. Relate it to your field of study, show its significance for further research, and point out its potential role in finding the solutions to some problems.

  5. Pose a new question and offer your suggestions.
  6. It’s normal when your argument results in a new idea that calls for further development. You can list those aspects of the problem that weren’t covered in your dissertation and offer your suggestions for their further investigation. This way, you’ll convince your reader that the topic you explored is of current importance and that you’re clearly aware of the trends in your field.

You should also know what to avoid while finalizing your paper. The main warning concerns the introduction of new material. If you feel that you’re starting to touch upon too many new points in your conclusion, it’s better to create a separate paragraph for them in the body. Make sure you’ve answered all the questions posed at the beginning in order to leave your reader with a sense of completeness.

When your final paragraph is ready, don’t forget to polish it.