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Help Me Buy A Dissertation Without Getting Into Trouble: A Piece Of Advice

Buying a dissertation can be risky business. You are commissioning a writer to compose a very important document that is going to determine whether or not you get the terminal degree. In no uncertain terms you are placing your academic career in the hands of a stranger. Moreover, there is a serious risk of plagiarism. If it is discovered that anything in the dissertation has been copied without citation, your dissertation will be rejected and you will be expelled. All of these are reasons to be careful and cautious the same time. You do not want any trouble in here are a few things you should do as you are considering a purchase.

  • Insist on Seeing Samples. The writing has to be good and you have a right to see what the person doing the job has done in the past. A few samples will give you a good indication of whether or not this is worth the investment of your money;
  • Ask Questions about the Internet Security. Hackers don’t just steal credit card numbers. They can also take information to use later on to extort money out of an unsuspecting person. You do not want to have a wall breached in your information stolen. By all means ask about the credibility of the security wall surrounding the company doing your writing;
  • Give Serious Thought to a Nondisclosure Agreement. If you are going to be hiring a freelancer, this person should be able to guarantee full confidentiality. That would mean a nondisclosure agreement being signed before work commences. It serves notice on the freelancer that breaching the trust could end up in litigation. By all means never tell a freelancer for whom the work is being written. It is none of their business;
  • Get a Copyscape Account. A freelancer or writing company will give assurances that nothing will be plagiarized. Those promises are nice but once the money has been paid the third party may just move on. It could come as a shock to you if it is discovered they plagiarized and you are left being accountable. Invest in a Copyscape account.
  • This is used to check that content is original and it can discover plagiarism. Before you pay any final installment be sure that you have run your dissertation through this account. If there is evidence of plagiarism, return the work to the third-party with a demand for revision or even a refund.

It is your decision whether or not to buy a dissertation from anybody. You need to protect yourself from any trouble that could rear its ugly head. Be very cautious when you enter into this transaction and be sure that your back is covered.