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Choosing PhD Dissertation Topics In Theology: 15 Controversial Ideas

Theology is the study of the rational and systematic study of the varying concepts of God and the existence and nature of religious ideas. It’s a highly-specialized training in any of a number of religious studies at a college, university or seminary. Before earning a PhD one must usually complete a dissertation. Here are 15 really good controversial ideas to consider for your doctoral project:

  1. Examine the form and nature of individual devotion. Discuss the various patterns of Muslim systems of discipleship that have developed over the centuries.
  2. Develop a primer on the 2000 Christian history and quest for the union with God. Consider several aspects including medieval women mystics and the particular spirituality of Jesus.
  3. Provide a critical analysis on the ways in which the Catholic Church has dealt with the issues of birth control and abortions in the 20th century.
  4. Examine the origins, backgrounds and the development of Christian and Jewish speculation about the heavenly realm and who its inhabitants will be according to each religion.
  5. Compare and contrast origin stories across the ancient cultures of Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian, and Sumerian. What are the major components from these cultures that have survived in today’s religions?
  6. Compare and contrast the ways in which different religions deal with the “end of the world.”
  7. Critically analyze the concept of the Curve of the Sacred. As it is best defined it is known as a kind of metaphor to express the varied ways of how people practice and understand spirituality.
  8. Compare and contrast different religions in the way that they convert new followers? For instance, why are some religions more likely than others to evangelize?
  9. There are places in the Qur’an that contradict the Islamic religion’s view of peace. Are these sections of text taken out of context by groups that have used and promoted violence?
  10. Discuss the reasons presented within the Jewish faith dealing with why the people have been able to survive centuries of persecution.
  11. What are the roles of women in congregations that have outlawed women as preachers or priests?
  12. Examine the sub-sects of Christianity in the US. Is the Mormon faith the only truly American religion to have developed in the country?
  13. Compare and contrast the issue of abortion in each of the major religions. Do regional cultures affect the way these religions view this issue?
  14. Discuss Pure Land Buddhism and how it’s practice attempts to reform the traditional Buddhist religion?
  15. Compare and contrast different rites of passage, such as Catholic confirmation and the Jewish Bar Mitzvah.