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Picking Up Dissertation Proposal Topics Related To Sociology

Your dissertation proposal is one the most important things in your life that you do not want to end up messing with. Your subject choice is one factor that will definitely affect the success of your thesis. Your topic will determine the course of your research and it is what will be used to determine your qualification for a job in any sociology field. Below are tips that will help you in choosing your thesis topic:


The sociological field is wide; therefore you would not lack anything to contribute. The subject you choose should be able to meet the following criteria: Should not be a repetition of the existing data. People want to read something that sounds new to them. It should not only be different, but a subject that arouses interest. Just as you are using other people’s research, so will others use your wok for their references. Moreover, your findings should also shed light in a different direction on an existing idea.

Match your method with your theory

Basically, while conducting a sociological research on a certain topic such as migration, quantitative and qualitative methods are used. This therefore means that formulas and models are used. When a certain speculation is proved right, then the method is effective. However, ensure that whichever method you use ensure it can answer your question. In addition, note that qualitative techniques are not so much required than quantitative methods.

Formulate good questions

Most of the questions are formulated from what you have studied from previous related theories. When it comes to writing your own thesis, a problem arises. Some of the research questions that students come up with are just but a total mess. What typically happens is that you just choose a question just because it was not answered by other scholars, but that’s no good ground for your question. Some questions are best to be left unanswered.

Avoid direct answer questions

A direct answer means that your question can only be given a response of either a yes or a no. This is not a thesis question. What you basically have is a hypothesis. A hypothesis though researched does not have much detail to tell. The best thesis topic should be phrased as a “how" question. Above all, no matter the findings of your research, you will still have a good and complete thesis.