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How To Write A Dissertation Properly: A Step-By-Step Guide

When you are writing your dissertation there are many things that you can do to make sure that you write your dissertation properly.

  • The first thing you can do is check with your advisor regularly. Set up a schedule with your adviser as soon as you have the details of your assignments. Make sure that you set up regular weekly meetings with your adviser during which time you will give your advisor what you have written to date and receive back from your advisor their remarks on previously submitted chapters or sections. Having a schedule such as this will help you to stay on track and avoid falling behind.

  • Not only do you want to meet with your visor about your progress but you want to make sure you understand exactly what is required of you. You can do this by asking your advisor to go over each requirement with you before you even start. Getting this information early on will help you to steer clear of mistakes and stay on the right path during the process.

  • You want to set aside a schedule for yourself wherein you work every day. You should have a regular goal that you want to reach each day you are working. If you are writing you want to write an average of three pages to six pages based on your total page requirements. If you set the schedule like this early on you will allow yourself the chance to complete all of the necessary pages by the due date with time to spare.

  • When you are doing all of this work it is important that you improve your progress regularly and not just by meeting your writing deadline. This means that if, for example, one day you're extremely exhausted and you're unable to produce the three pages that you need, you should still work on your project but focus on something that is less mentally challenging such as arranging your bibliography or formatting a chapter that you have already edited. And days that you are really into your project and your creativity is flowing, don't stop yourself unless you have to. If one day you find your creativity is on a roll and you produced nine full pages, reward yourself with a small break and remember that getting those nine pages done in one day will free up another day when you just don't have time. All of this will help you to produce the best dissertation in a timely fashion.