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How To Find A Good Writer Who Can Do My Thesis?

It would be a lie if you were told that hiring a writer to do your thesis is not risky. In fact, it is riskier than hiring a thesis writing agency. The latter binds you and the writer in a contract with repercussions to punish one or the other if the assignment is late or the writer is tardy.

However, when you hire an individual, there are no such chances. Even if you get a contract, you will have to go through the hassle of breathing down the writer’s neck. If he/she breaches the contract, you may be able to implicate them legally, but you would still have lost your project.

Therefore, when you hire a writer, keep these checks in mind:

  • How long have they been working? You might hire a fairly new writer for other unimportant tasks, but since the thesis is part of your academic curriculum, you should consider someone more experienced in the field.
  • Ask for references. Before hiring the person, talk to the people who have hired him/her before. Ask about their ability to keep to deadlines and the quality of their work. If anything seems shady, do not hire.
  • Check their online presence. If you can find some samples of their work, along with testimonials, go through them carefully.
You can find a writer for hire here:
  • Local listings: it is best to hire a local writer to do this important papers. This way, you can collaborate with him/her easily, and even meet up in person to check on the progress of your work.
  • Thesis writing company: these agencies have a plethora of writers who specialize in academic writing. Just contact them, and they will send you recommendations according to your requirements. This method is also a bit more relaxing than hiring an individual, since the agency will take care of discrepancies.
  • Essay/thesis writing websites: these websites specialize in only one kind of writing: academic. All writers they have are experienced in writing essays, term papers, dissertations and so on. Testimonials will be available as well.

So, these are the places you should look at and things you should check before hiring a writer. However, beware of content mills: these are places you should never consider. They have incompetent writers who may write for a penny a page but are unreliable, grammatically incorrect and thoroughly unprofessional. Do not compromise on the quality of your paper.