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Compelling Dissertation Topics About Theatre: 20 Things To Write About

You can never run out of interesting topics to present for your paper when you want to write about theatre. This is perhaps one of the widest study areas, which means that you have an endless list of things you can discuss. The following are some of the top ideas that you can present for this paper, and hopefully, you will manage to get the best marks for your effort:

  1. Describe your ideal experience in a theatre
  2. Discuss some of the norms in traditional theatre that have to be opposed
  3. Explain how theatre supports creativity
  4. Discuss the role of the community in propagating the success of theatre
  5. Discuss the important role that the French theatre played in world theatre as we know it today
  6. Trace the history of theatre from the Italian origins
  7. Discuss the advancements that Opera has gone through in the recent years
  8. Explain the procedure that is followed in bringing through a musical theatre
  9. Discuss the role that fantasy in theatre plays
  10. Discuss the prospect of an identity crisis in theatre
  11. Explain how 18th century Paris influenced theatre as we know it today
  12. Discuss history as a form of theatre
  13. Trace the history of the Darling Theatre Company, citing important highlights
  14. Discuss the role that realism has to play in theatre
  15. Explain how theatre helps bring out the evils in the society, in a way that other forms of engagement or entertainment would not
  16. Discuss the important role of the costume effect in the production of different theatrical pieces
  17. Discuss dramaturgy, based on relevant studies, highlighting how important it is.
  18. Discuss how martial arts have been highlighted in Asian theatre as opposed to other cultures
  19. Compare and contrast the Elizabethan and Greek theatre
  20. Discuss the future of the theatre industry, based on the current advancements that we are experiencing in the world of technology

As you write this paper, you have to realize that one of the key elements of theatre is art. It is the art that makes this industry what it is. Art is diverse and makes a good point of view. For the same reason, make sure that you can take an artistic angle when addressing this subject, and you will find it a lot easier to score good grades.