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Hand-Picked List Of 15 Unique Dissertation Topics On Dementia

Dementia is among the leading mental disorders always categorized together with Alzheimer’s. In the U.S alone, the numbers of young adults that suffer from dementia continue to increase each New Year and if those affected by the disorder worldwide can be sampled, the statistics will be rather shocking. While a lot of research has been done to see into how this disease can be cured, much of what has been released to the public has always provided for prevention methods. However, being born with a disorder like dementia is something which is rather unpredictable but hardly a predicament one can tell. Medical research has continued to shed some light into dementia and in higher learning institutions, a lot of academic papers have been written on the same. The big question is; how best can the problem be tackled and are medical studies proving effective enough when it comes to stemming out the disorder from the society for good?

In higher learning institutions, right from undergraduate through to post graduate, you will be required to come up with a good dissertation topic for your final paper. Provided you are a medical student, one of the likely areas you will delve into is dementia. On this premise, among other considerations you will want to make are what causes dementia and what dissertation topic will best capture your study objectives? Today, things have become a little easier for students because by simply logging onto the web, finding a paper topic is always a click of the button away. In this post, we take a look at topics on dementia worth your consideration.

  • Well, a good topic on dementia to begin with would be something like, dementia and mental impairment: Investigating the effects of mental disability on social problems among those suffering from dementia
  • A historical perspective of dementia: An investigation into the medical research progress in the treatments of dementia
  • How is child foster care effective in rebuilding the lives of those suffering from dementia
  • Dementia and music therapy: How musical therapy helps in the suppression of dementia
  • Dementia and age: An investigation into the prevalence of dementia among people aged over 80 years
  • Investigating the symptoms of dementia: How does dementia influence the quality of life of those suffering from it. A case study of those aged between 30 and 40.