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How To Choose Great Dissertation Topics On Primary Education

Many students who are studying to become teachers in later life, or are studying education for any other reasons, there may come a time when the student needs to prepare and write a dissertation. In fact, if you are thinking about teaching children of a younger age, then you may have to discuss primary education as part of your essay.

When writing about primary education, you may wish to discuss a wide range of different topics. For example, you may wish to approach the work in terms of various teaching methods that can be used to teach young children or, alternatively, you may wish to compare and contrast the achievements of children and students in primary education in different regions.

In fact, the range of topics that you can choose to discuss is incredibly wide and, therefore, you need to ensure that the title that you choose for your work is something that you are entirely comfortable with, and will be able to write about to a high standard. For some further ideas, you may wish to look through the suggestions below.

  • School children should focus on key subjects relating to literacy and numeracy in the early years of primary education, so that they know the basics before learning about other subjects
  • School children are unable to learn much from such a young age and should start primary education when they are older
  • Young people should start learning a second language during their years in primary education, so that they are fluent by the time they reach tertiary education
  • To what extent do students with special education needs benefit when separated from other children during their primary education
  • Compare and contrast the use of single education schools and mixed education schools, and what impact this might have on the results the boys and girls achieve
  • Discuss the approach to primary education taken in the United States in comparison with Scandinavian countries Should teachers in primary education specialize in particular subjects, or is it acceptable for them to teach a range of different topics?
  • Does the primary education system receive enough funding?
  • An analysis of racial discrimination within the primary educational system, and whether or not ethnic minorities are receiving the same standards of teaching as the ethnic majority
  • A comparison of primary education in the 21st century compared to the 20th century