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Creating A Great Dissertation Proposal In Real Estate Management

Writing a dissertation proposal takes a lot of time and effort and the format and approach depends greatly upon the institution that you are currently attending. Students studying real estate management will find that most topics in the field deal with facts and figures and so, it eliminates a lot of the guesswork. However, this does not in any way mean that these students have it easier. In fact, they face a lot more hardships when it comes to writing a proposal for their paper since there is very little room for flexibility.

Components of a Good Dissertation Proposal

  • Title of the paper – You should try to make the title as short as possible. It should pertain to the topic of real estate management.
  • Objectives of the paper – In case your paper has more than three objectives, it means that the scope of your research in the field of real estate management is way too broad and must be somewhat streamlined.
  • Literature, background and context – You get to explore the various schools of thought in the subject that will provide you with the necessary content for your paper.
  • Details about the Research – This section gives you plenty of opportunity to expand upon the core ideas contained within the main research question of your paper. The topic you choose out of real estate management will be outlined in a clear manner in this part.
  • Methodology – More often than not, papers pertaining to the subject of real estate management deal with empirical data. This section is probably going to be long since you are required to collect and assess the gathered empirical data. In case your institute allows you to make use of bulleted lists in your proposal, you should jot down all of your intended actions.
  • Possible outcomes of the research – You should never second-guess the outcome of your research. This is a complete no-no since if you were already aware of the results of your study, the entire point of the research would be in vain. In this section, you must try and summarise all the potential outcomes that you hope will stem from your paper and clearly mention who the target audience for this research is.
  • Establishing a Timeline – In case you get asked to prepare an outline on the best way to manage your research, you should consider creating a concept map in this section. However, always keep your timeline as realistic as possible.
  • Bibliography – You must include this part to list all the references that you have used in your paper.