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15 Strong Dissertation Topics Related To Supply Chain Management

Are you in the process of writing a dissertation on supply chain management, but have no idea how to come up with a topic. Then you would do well in order to consider the different strategies that one can use to find the perfect topic. You will soon realize that coming up with the perfect topic is easy once you have the right approach. In this article you will get some tips for choosing a topic, and 15 examples will be given that you can start on right away.

How To Find A Topic

A topic can be chosen by taking a look through places where examples can be found, such as directories and educational websites. There are also a number of blogs that will have supply chain management related information and these can be used to get ideas for a topic.

You can also get some examples from your professors, because they will have a database of work completed by other students in the years gone by.

15 Example Topics

If you need a good quality supply chain management dissertation topic right now, then take a look at the list below:

  1. The top software that is out there offering a supply chain management solution
  2. The roadblocks that are there to provide green SCM solutions
  3. The 3 biggest developments in SCM during the last 10 years
  4. How have computers help the progress of SCM
  5. Who is responsible for the biggest advancements in SCM
  6. What are the parameters that must be closely monitored in SCM
  7. How can a SCM be made more efficient by technological advancements
  8. How has information technology impact the state of affairs for SCM
  9. What can often go wrong in a SCM system
  10. For clothing companies what bedspoke SCM system are available
  11. What are the advantages of getting a tailor made SCM system
  12. What can be done to set up a SCM that reduces human error
  13. How can the performance of a SCM be monitored
  14. Who is responsible for monitoring a SCM system
  15. How can a SCM system be set up to reduce waste