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How To Title Your Dissertation: 18 Possible Solutions

Figuring out a title for a dissertation can be difficult. After all of the hard work of researching and writing the dissertation, spending extra time working on a title seems daunting. To make this task a little easier, use the following 18 tips to find the perfect title.

  1. Create an Expectation
  2. Readers expect to have a title that matches up with the content, so make sure that the title actually describes the paper.

  3. Read Through Samples
  4. There are plenty of sample dissertations that can give students an idea of the right formatting style.

  5. Stop Being General
  6. “Guide to Imperial Russia” is far too general. Instead, students should focus on more descriptive titles like, “The Value of Defense in Tsarist Russian Governance”.

  7. Be Explanatory
  8. Focus on explaining the purpose of the paper to the reader. The title does not have to include the thesis statement, but it should give the reader a clear idea of what will be coming next.

  9. Ask a Professor
  10. When in doubt, ask a professor for some help with coming up with ideas.

  11. Brainstorm
  12. One of the first things that students can do is bust out their pens and paper to start brainstorming potential ideas.

  13. Sort Through Ideas
  14. After brainstorming ideas, students should go through their list and select the two or three best titles. Once they have a few of the best ideas, the student can always ask their professor or classmates for extra help in deciding on the right one.

  15. Keep It Simple
  16. A title does not have to be excessively long or filled with academic sounding words. Sometimes, the simplest ideas work the best.

  17. Reflect the Research
  18. A good title will actually reflect the research that the student has done.

  19. Avoid Abbreviations
  20. Too many people are not familiar with acronyms or abbreviations, so avoid using them in a title.

  21. Humor or Cuteness
  22. Reading through academic papers can be boring, so students can spice up their writing with a little humor.

  23. Use Keywords
  24. These titles will be listed in an online database, and other students will search for them using keywords. Due to this, the title should include some of the keywords that a reader would be searching for.

  25. Avoid Excessively Long Titles
  26. Excessively long titles do not work well for keyword searches, and they can be exceptionally boring for the reader to look at.

  27. Consider the Methodology
  28. Other than describing a thesis, a good title may also include a part of the methodology or other parts of the research.

  29. Remember the Area of Interest
  30. Students should always keep in mind their specific area of interest and the customary titles used in their field.

  31. What Makes It Exceptional?
  32. There are hundreds of papers on very similar topics, so students need to carefully consider what makes their topic stand out from the crowd.

  33. Ask for Help
  34. When in doubt, students can always ask a teacher, parent or friend for help with thinking of new ideas.

  35. Stop Stressing!
  36. The grade for the dissertation and the student's ability to graduate depends on the quality of their research. Although a title is important, it is certainly not the only factor.