Tricks & Ideas

Inventing Winning Dissertation Topics Effortlessly

As you begin to think about your dissertation, you have to be concerned about finding the perfect topic. You have to show a command of your subject, while you also have to show a knowledge of current events in the field, as well as what might happen in the future. Then you must prove all of these things. Your topic should be unique, but not weird. It should be cutting-edge, but not strange. You will argue it, you will have it published, and it will be the most important piece of your entire academic career. It should open doors for job opportunities. Experts and scholars in the field will read your piece. There is a way to come up with a unique topic easily and effortlessly. Use our advice to do this.

Inventing Dissertation Topics

  • Do your research-if you have ideas about the person or concept you will be exploring, you can build off of them. Note which topics have had published papers. Stay away from those topics. But ask yourself how you can change the topic just enough to make it unique. Switch up a few titles and then research those ideas to see who has written on them. Then remove any of those from your list. Come up with five or six choices.

  • Know your strength-now look at those five or six choices. Then you need to remove any ideas that you are not interested in or any that you are not knowledgeable about. Now is not the time to learn your subject or be immersed in a topic you hate for close to a year.

  • Talk to your faculty advisor-now you might be left with 2-3 ideas. You need to contact your faculty dissertation advisor and make an appointment to see him or her. Take these 2-3 topics and your outline or plan concerning them to see your advisor. The two of you can sit down and decide which topic suits you the best.

  • Changes-many times a person gets into the process and makes changes on the topic. You need to remember the topic for which the committee has approved you. While the changes can be small, you still need to be close to the topic approved for you.

Use our advice as you seek a unique but valid topic for your dissertation. You will find our advice easy to use and it will bring your results.