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20 Most Popular Topics Picked By Students Writing Geography Dissertations

What is a topic for a geography dissertation? It’s a guideline that leads you through the process of writing, shows you where to move and which reference materials to search. Besides that, the topic is a thing that makes your project quite special.

The Choice of a Topic

When you choose a topic for your dissertation, you need to keep in mind several important points. Your topic should be interesting and somewhat novel for the researched area. It means that, at least, you should represent a new point of view at an old problem. At best, there should be something completely new in your research.

This is why give attention to the most popular dissertation topics that you can see below. You can either try to avoid them in order to make your dissertation completely unique or give them some more attention in order to provide a new, interesting interpretation of old things.

  1. The development of methodological principles of economic activities.
  2. The influence that economic activities cause on the environment and the principles of its evaluation.
  3. Contemporary methods of evaluation of the impact on the environment.
  4. Ecological justification of manufacturing methods and technologies (based on a particular example).
  5. Ecological and geographic justification for the location chosen for an industrial complex in a certain area.
  6. The evaluation of the potential durability of natural conditions that limit the location of industries.
  7. Environmental and ecological characteristics of an area for justification for a particular type of economic activities.
  8. The evaluation of the natural durability of certain landscapes to different types of anthropogenic factors (with particular examples).
  9. Usage of geological and informational technologies for the planning of natural gas extraction sites and transportation routes.
  10. The evaluation of a certain area pollution amount with the help of data on industrial and public transportation pollution within the given area.
  11. . The ecological consequences of pesticide usage.
  12. Ways to receive ecologically clean agricultural products.
  13. The problems of agricultural and ecological monitoring.
  14. The problem of pollution of ecological systems with mineral fertilizers.
  15. The development and usage of ecologically durable modified specimens.
  16. The negative genetically toxic impact of xenobiotics on plants.
  17. Ecological consequences of artificial soil irrigation.
  18. The influence of physiographic, anthropogenic, and technogenic factors on the formation and development of the natural environment.
  19. The peculiarities of development, formation, and dynamics of active and dangerous natural phenomena and processes.
  20. The theoretic and practical problems of the development of territorial tourism (on a peculiar example).